Adventure for Anyone (Well Almost Anyone)

Here at YourTrip we believe that travellers don’t need to be able to climb Everest or share hostel dorms to have an adventure experience. We think that having an adventure means to experience something new. We provide adventure style tours that are suitable for almost anyone. We call this ‘Adventure for Anyone‘*. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or young at heart. We think that if you can ride a bike or walk to work for your whole career, why would you suddenly only view a city from a bus when travelling? Our activities can be adjusted to the needs of the group who each have the comfort of knowing there is great accommodation at the end of each day. YourTrip travellers can experience adventure travel in a style that suits their needs; Adventure for Anyone!

Adventures can also just be about meeting new people. Our mission is to really connect you with local communities. By limiting the group size we can include much more than sight seeing. We provide ‘adventure for anyone’ experiences suitable for almost anyone covering both the must see sights and the hidden secrets. These include peaceful hikes, cycle tours, river floating and eating with the locals. Our local focus connects travellers with the community, and while our tours are not voluntourism ventures, we support local economies by engaging local guides and operators in each region we visit.

Because we know that travel is much more than just visiting and being somewhere – it’s about the people you meet and the things you do, YourTrip adds ‘Adventure for Anyone’ activities to each tour. This allows you to get out and do things in the places you visit with the people that live there. You get to really experience a destination – not just visit it.

Our current packages already include many adventures – Learn more about them here!

* Disclaimer – Although we call it Adventure for Anyone, we can’t speak for everyone and thus consider it Adventure for almost anyone (but that doesn’t have the same ring to it). These activities are outside in nature and contain a certain element of risk to anyone (and by that we do mean anyone). Thus although we try and make our activities available to anyone willing to try, some activities may unfortunately not be suitable for everyone. We don’t guarantee anyone can participate, but we try! 

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