Starting to Get Real…

The main aim of this project was to share my travels of our upcoming holiday to Europe. It’s starting to get quite real now with only four, thats right, 4 days to till we jet off to Paris. Today I decided that the basic theme from WordPress would simply not do any longer. After purchasing what I thought to be a great theme yesterday, I discovered that there was no way I would get it anywhere near decent before Friday.  After trying many different free themes tonight, I stumbled across a theme called OceanWP. Now while there are quite a few premium features that you do need to subscribe for, I was pretty impressed with the ease of use of and how it turned out.  Within an hour (or two or three) I managed to get the site ‘customised’ enough to let me sleep at night knowing the site wasn’t a complete dogs breakfast. 

Picking the Right Theme

There are literally a billion (or at least many thousand) different WordPress themes available which makes the choice of which one is right for you seem rather endless. I'm not sure if I have actually found 'the one' yet, but thats the beauty of using WordPress. You can keep your content and change themes relatively easily. For now, I'm using the OceanWP theme with the blogger layout. Even within this one theme there are lots of different themes (if you pay extra of course). The post builder is also very handy with lots of different options that you can drag and drop into the post.

Elementor WordPress Tool
Hours Left

With only four days to go (thats about 96 hours) I’ve still got a bit of work to do to get the site ready for my travels. The list of things to do is still growing for how to fill these 96 hours (in between another 32 hours of work). What’s your travel list?

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