Ready for Take Off – EuroTrip 2019

Excitement for this trip started well before our flights were booked earlier this year. The moment the Spice Girls announced their reunion stadium tour we knew we’d need to make the trip to Europe. That’s right, I said need.  We confirmed our tickets after a marathon session of refreshing browsers to secure those elusive tickets 210 days ago. While tomorrow is the day that we finally begin our month long adventure in Europe, today’s the first day of the holiday as we overnight at the airport for our ridiculously early departure tomorrow. Over the next few weeks I’ll hopefully be getting back my blogging mojo and pumping out some Euro inspired stories with a Spice Girls theme. Basically I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really, want! I hope you enjoy the journey with Thom and I as we reunite with the Spice of Europe. I thought it would be worth opening this new mojo with a run down of where we are heading so you can plan your reading around our exciting itinerary. 

Melbourne Airport at Night

Almost Ready for Take Off!

Being a self confessed #avgeek (that's an aviation geek) the first part of the holiday is really the excitement about flying there. I'm a pretty avid Qantas fan boy (although over the years I do switch my loyalty between the flying Kangaroo and Virgin), alas on this holiday we won't actually be flying on any Qantas metal. Our first destination is Paris, and, as Alan Joyce is still in a row with Perth airport, the non stop flights to Paris weren't an option for us. Instead, we've opted for a codeshare flight via Dubai flying with Qantas partner, Emirates. After a wheels up from Melbourne at 5am on a mild winter morning the 16,882km journey will take slap bang on 23 hours with us touching down in Paris at 8pm the same day. I suspect that by the time we say Bonjour in the French capital we're going to be completely and utterly knackered!

Km to Fly

Where in the world are Carl & Thom?

After a marathon day of flying we start our land based journey in Paris where we plan to soak up the culture and history of Disneyland Paris, Versailles and eat a baguette or two. We'll take the Eurostar under the channel to arrive in time for the main event with the Spice Girls in London. Naturally we can't visit London without seeing a few West End shows with Hamilton our first show and Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 wrapping up our last day in the UK. A quick flight to Zurich will Land us in time for Zurich Pride before getting into some 'cultural stuff' as Thom calls it. The majority of the next week or so after that will be spent driving across Switzerland and Austria, probably including more than one rendition of 'Climb Every Mountain' and following a few streams before finishing off with a refreshing soak in the old baths of Budapest. There will be exploration, food, songs, a few more songs and hopefully a lot of stories to be told as we embark on our 2019 EuroTrip!

Time for Bed

After finishing up work and getting Thom packed we headed to the airport hotel and are tucked up in bed at 8:30pm. To make our early morning a little less early, we're staying overnight at the airport hotel ready for the time of our lives starting with a 2:30am wake up call! I'm looking forward to the journey and the blogging that I'll be able to do from here on in. Let's see if this excited little nerd gets any sleep tonight as we prepare to get this holiday started!

ParkRoyal Hotel Melbourne Airport Bed
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