InFlight: QF635 – Brisbane to Melbourne

I decided that I needed to add some variety of content to the site, so the latest type of article will be the flight review. These will be brief and in the future will include a few more photos to tell the story. Of course, if there is a particular flight you want me to review for you, please feel free to contact me and I’ll happily accept your donation to fund that round trip 🙂 While I await the thousands of emails requesting that service, enjoy the first (hopefully of many) inflight reviews.


Route: Brisbane – Melbourne


Flight: QF635


Carrier: Qantas


Time: Scheduled 1755


Class: Economy (until I get some funding thats all I can review)


Seat: 24F which is a great seat. Best in economy on this variation of the 767. Although on the isle and in the centre section (i’m normally a window seat kinda guy)  the seat infront is missing giving it exceptional legroom. The tray table is in the arm but if you complain about that you have rocks in your head as I don’t believe it really impacts on the seat width feeling that much at all. Of course the empty middle seat makes great book rest and their fold down table acts as a great drinks table during this city flyer service. Although as you are only 1 row away from the Business class cabin, hearing about their cheesecake desserts may make you feel a little jealous!


Meal: White wine and Rosemary braised beef with some rice and a small tolberone chocolate bar. Being at the front of the cabin I was served second so the meal was steamy hot. The meal was a nice and somewhat unexpected hot dinner for domestic economy service (i’m more used to those corn chips and salsa). Being a Cityflyer service there was free beer and wine which assists pass the time with the lack of inseat inflight entertainment.


Aircraft: 767-300, although it looks aged, this layout is surprisingly comfortable (at least from my seat). It’s not as quiet as other aircraft, and the overhead bins look and feel old but the legroom my particular seat provided offset a lot of those pitfalls. I would have to compare a standard seat to get a true comparison of the aircraft itself. It seemed to have plenty of bathrooms which were clean and tidy.


Inflight Entertainment: Unfortunately the 767 birds are showing their age in the IFE department. The projector and poor quality sound doesn’t compare to seat back video found on other aircraft in the Qantas fleet or other carriers.


Crew: The lady beside me pressed Call button a few times with no response. In the crew’s defence the call light was probably missed due to projector above our heads blocking their view of call button. Otherwise the crew in the Economy cabin where friendly and when I wandered to the back of the plane to get me and the lady beside me another round of drinks they were very willing to assist. The crew in the business class cabin looked pretty moody, perhaps they also wanted the cheesecake they were offering their guests.


Schedule: Departed 3mins early, although at 5mins before the scheduled boarding time (25mins before scheduled departure time) the flight status went from Final Call to Closed within about 5 minutes. That meant a large contingent running (myself included) from the qantas club to the gate. Despite the captain advising of a slow flight time we arrived at the gate pretty much on time.


Terminal: Brisbane is dated and the lounge is small compared to Melbourne and Sydney. Although there seems to be lots of renovations in the works (next gen check in) so hopefully this will improve. The Qantas Club needs to be bigger as seemed very crowded (not as full as Perth but felt crammed). Maybe Queenslanders drink more as there always was a lengthy queue at the bar.


Overall Rating: 3.5 of 5. The only real thing letting down the service was the somewhat rushed early boarding and had it been a newer aircraft with Inflight Entertainment the score would have been much higher.


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